NOV 18  The lab welcomes new members Shiao (Marie Curie Fellow) and Stephen (MSC PhD student of the THERACAT consortium).

NOV 18 HIGHLIGHT Our work on the first Pd-activated prodrug of the active metabolite of irinotecan, recently published in Chem. Eur. J., is highlighted as HOT PAPER and featured in the Frontispiece of issue 63 

OCT 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Cath and the rest of the team, whose research work on Palladium-mediated release of the active metabolite of irinotecan, a collaboration with Brennan's group, has just been published in Chemistry, a European Journal

OCT 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Sana and Richard from Liz Patton's lab for their work on ALDH1-mediated bioactivation of nifuroxazide in melanoma-initiating cells, to which we contributed and has just been published in Cell Chemical Biology

SEP 18  Plenary Speakers for BIOORTHOGONAL & BIORESPONSIVE 2019 just announced:

Jason Chin, Ben Davis, Karen Faulds, Sarah Heilshorn, Ludovic Jullien, Laura Kiessling and Vince Rotello

AUG 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Teresa and the rest of the team, whose research work on In Cellulo Target Engagement, a collaboration with Sánchez-Martín's group (GENyO-Granada), has just been published in Bioconjugate Chemistry

JUL 18 HIGHLIGHT Our work entitled Bright Insights into Pd-Triggered Local Chemotherapy, recently published in Chemical Science is selected as 2018 Chemical Science HOT Article 

JUL 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Thomas and the rest of the team, whose research work on Palladium-triggered local chemotherapy, a collaboration with Leung's group (Beatson Institute), has just been published in Chemical Science


The lab welcomes Rafael Contreras, visiting PhD student from the Univesidad de Granada who will work during the summer on novel catalytic devices.


The THERACAT consortium (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017) is launched at the IBEC (Barcelona, Spain). Two PhD student position to work at the Innovative Therapeutics Lab will be soon advertised.

MAY 18  The University of Edinburgh promotes Asier to Professor of Medicinal Chemistry


The research work of Díaz-Mochón & Pineda de las Infantas' labs (Universidad de Granada), to which we modestly contributed, has just been published in Magnetic Resonance Chemistry


The lab welcomes Dr Teresa Valero (Marie Curie Fellow) and Cecilia Ayala-Aguilera (CONCACyT PhD student) that will work on the development of novel kinase inhibitors against brain and oesophageal cancer, respectively.

FEB 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Sam and the team, whose research work on inhibitors of AXL and FLT3 kinases has just been published in the Journal Medicinal Chemistry 

JAN 17  Asier presents prodrug activation by bioorthogonal catalysis at the ABCChem (Cancún, Mexico).

JAN 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Belén, Ana and Thomas, whose research work on biocompatible Pd-NPs for CARS-mediated photothermal ablation has just been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


Our contribution to the research work of Díaz-Mochón & Orte's labs (Universidad de Granada) on multifunctional nanospheres has just been published in ACS Omega


DEC 17  Thanks to Prof Carmen Galán (Bristol University) for visiting the IGMM and giving a wonderful talk on synthetic carbohydrate-based tools for biomedical applications.

DEC 17  CONGRATULATIONS TO DR THOMAS BRAY!! He successfully passed his viva with minor revision


Our chapter contribution to the book Coupling and Decoupling of Diverse Molecular Units in Glycosciences edited by Z. J. Witczak and R. Bielski has just been released by Springer

OCT 17  Asier presents the last advances on the use of Pd and Au implants to activate prodrugs inside tumours at the CRUK Staff Roadshow 2017 (Edinburgh, UK).


Our work entitled "Gold Triggered Uncaging Chemistry in Living Systems", a collaboration with the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon, is featured in the Inside Back Cover of issue no. 41 of Angewandte Chemie.  


The lab welcomes Dan Baillache, PhD student funded by Medical Research Scotland that will work on the development of novel brain-penetrant kinase inhibitors.

AUG 17 PRIZE Congratulations to Belén for earning the Best Poster Prize at the 7th EFMC International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic & Medicinal Chemistry (Vienna, Austria)


AUG 17  Asier presents the last research of the Innovative Therapeutics Lab to Cirrus Logic (Edinburgh, UK).

AUG 17 HIGHLIGHT The work of Ana, Belén, Cath and Thomas in Angewandte Chemie is widely covered by mainstream media across the world and translated to >20 languages. See 

JUL 17  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Ana, Belén, Cath and Thomas, whose research work on gold-catalysed uncaging chemistry, a collaboration with Prof Santamaría's group, has just been published in Angewandte Chemie


Thanks to all speakers, flash and poster presenters and delegates of the first ever Bioorthogonal & Bioresponsive Symposium! The event was a success with over 80 delegates from nine different countries and fantastic science. After great feedback from the attendees, Marc Vendrell and I have decided to do a second edition in 2019!!


The lab welcomes Hector Yiannakas and Álvaro Lorente, who will work during the summer on the development of novel kinase inhibitors.

MAY 17  Asier speaks about the our Pd-activated prodrug technology and kinase inhibitors at the Edinburgh Pharmacology Symposium 2017 (UK).

APR 17  Thanks to Prof Barry Kellam (Nottingham University) for giving an inspiring talk on the development of novel β1-Adrenoceptor Antagonists for the treatment of patients with concomitant cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

JAN 17  Plenary Speakers for the BIOORTHOGONAL & BIORESPONSIVE SYMPOSIUM are announced


Bioorthogonal & Bioresponsive, a RSC Symposium is announced. This the first scientific meeting that will showcase the state-of-the-art of these two emerging fields of research in a single event with leading national and international experts.

The B&B Symposium will be held in Edinburgh in June 7-8 2017, aiming to gather chemists and biologists interested in the broad fields of chemical biology and translational medicine. The symposium will include a poster session to give an opportunity for the delegates to share and discuss their recent research advances. Abstracts are welcomed from PhD students, postdocs and early career academics. Selected contributions will be invited to give a short talk or present at a flash presentation session. Please submit your abstract including your registration number to

JAN 17  eCF506 is listed as SRC Family inhibitor of choice in the Chemical Probes portal

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