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Covered by specialized media.


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Highlighted in When the Chemistry Clicks and included in the Bioorthogonal and Click Chemistry Virtual Issue (curated by Nobel Prize Laureate Carolyn R. Bertozzi).


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Covered by specialized media.


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Part of the Special Issue on New Drug Modalities in Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Translational Science.


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Part of the Special Issue on New Horizons in Drug Discovery - Understanding and Advancing Different Types of Kinase Inhibitors.

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Widely covered by specialized and mainstream media.

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Part of the Special Issue on Phenotypic Drug Discovery.



PUBLICATIONS before 2020

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Featured in News & Views in Nature Catalysis issue 10

Widely covered by specialized and mainstream media.



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Featured as New Journal of Chemistry HOT ARTICLE   


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Featured as HOT PAPER and Frontispiece of issue 63 


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Featured in the FRONT PAGE of issue 12.

Front page.gif

2010 - present

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2010 - present


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Featured as 2018 Chemical Science HOT ARTICLE 

News covered by general media: Scotsman, The National.  

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Featured in the Inside Back Cover

Widely covered by specialized and mainstream media:

BBC, Sputnik Int., RTE, The Medicine Maker ("The Golden Touch")

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Featured as HOT Article of 2016 and Inside Front Cover

Contribution to the themed collection "New Talent: Europe"


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Featured as ACS’ Editor Choice.

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Featured in C&EN (Issue 8, p. 6, News of The Week), Synform (July Issue, Synfacts 2014, 10(07), A90-92) and widely covered by specialized (Cosmos Magazine, Elsevier Materials Today, etc.) and mainstream media (>25 news outlets, e.g. STV, The Herald, The Scotsman, ScienceDaily, ABC, and translated into > 10 languages).

Altmetric entry.

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First definition of Bioorthogonal Organometallic (BOOM) Chemistry. News about the article was covered by the Daily Express (30 Jun 2012).

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Compounds described in this article were patented and licensed to Deliverics Ltd.

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Featured in the front cover of the No. 11 issue of MedChemComm.

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Featured in Chemistry World (Issue 3, 2011, RSC) and Synform (May Issue, 2011, Thieme Publisher). News of the discovery was widely covered by general media: TV (STV), radio (BBC1) and press (The Times, The Scotsman, Metro, Scottish Daily Express, The Herald, etc.).

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Compounds described in this article were patented and licensed to Deliverics Ltd.

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Before 2010

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Part of the Nucleic Acid Transfection Volume.


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