The Unciti-Broceta Group is based at the Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre, part of the MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine of the University of Edinburgh, where Prof Unciti-Broceta established the first chemistry lab of the Institute in 2010.


The lab explores novel chemical strategies to improve the efficacy and safety of cancer treatments. This includes development of highly-selective inhibitors of kinases involved in cancer and novel prodrug strategies aimed at improving the clinical use of well-established chemotherapy drugs.






NOV 18  The lab welcomes new members Shiao (Marie Curie Fellow) and Stephen (MSC PhD student of the THERACAT consortium).

NOV 18 HIGHLIGHT Our work on the first Pd-activated prodrug of the active metabolite of irinotecan, recently published in Chem. Eur. J., is highlighted as HOT PAPER and featured in the Frontispiece of issue 63 

OCT 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Cath and the rest of the team, whose research work on Palladium-mediated release of the active metabolite of irinotecan, a collaboration with Brennan's group, has just been published in Chemistry, a European Journal

OCT 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Sana and Richard from Liz Patton's lab for their work on ALDH1-mediated bioactivation of nifuroxazide in melanoma-initiating cells, to which we contributed and has just been published in Cell Chemical Biology

SEP 18  Plenary Speakers for BIOORTHOGONAL & BIORESPONSIVE 2019 just announced:

Jason Chin, Ben Davis, Karen Faulds, Sarah Heilshorn, Ludovic Jullien, Laura Kiessling and Vince Rotello

AUG 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Teresa and the rest of the team, whose research work on In Cellulo Target Engagement, a collaboration with Sánchez-Martín's group (GENyO-Granada), has just been published in Bioconjugate Chemistry

JUL 18 HIGHLIGHT Our work entitled Bright Insights into Pd-Triggered Local Chemotherapy, recently published in Chemical Science is selected as 2018 Chemical Science HOT Article 

JUL 18  PUBLICATION Congratulations to Thomas and the rest of the team, whose research work on Palladium-triggered local chemotherapy, a collaboration with Leung's group (Beatson Institute), has just been published in Chemical Science


The THERACAT consortium (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017) is launched at the IBEC (Barcelona, Spain). Two PhD student position to work at the Innovative Therapeutics Lab will be soon advertised.

MAY 18  The University of Edinburgh promotes Asier to Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

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