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The Unciti-Broceta Group is based at the Edinburgh Cancer Research, part of the Institute of Genetics and Cancer at the University of Edinburgh, where Prof Unciti-Broceta established the chemistry section of the Institute in 2010.


The lab explores novel chemical strategies to improve the efficacy and safety of cancer treatments. This includes the discovery and development of anticancer kinase inhibitors and prodrugs that are activated by bioorthogonal reactions.






JUN 2024  CONGRATULATIONS TO DR MELISSA VAN DE L'ISLE!! She successfully passed his viva with minor revision. Thanks to Anja Palmans, Liz Patton and Neil Carragher for being examiners. 

APR 2024 NEW PUBLICATION! Melissa and Stephen's work on bioorthogonal uncaging and click chemistry with novel Cu(I)-microdevices published in Chem Eur J.


MAR 2024 Further, Faster, Together (Industry-Academia collaboration)​! Cancer Research Horizons recognises with a CRH Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards 2024 our collaborative effort with Nuvectis Pharma to progress the SRC/YES kinase inhibitor NXP900 to clinical trials.


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FEB 2024 WELCOME TO NEW LAB MEMBERS! Athina will work in a project in collaboration with Prof Margaret Frame to find new ILK inhibitors and Zeanap will work on the preclinical development of NXP900 to support the clinical development led by Nuvectis Pharma.


DEC 2023  CONGRATULATIONS TO DR STEPHEN CROKE!! He successfully passed his viva with minor revision. Thanks Andrew Westwell, Andrew Wood and Cathy Abbott for being examiners. 

OCT 2022 NEW PUBLICATION! Do not miss Dan's work on the discovery of antiglioma agents that inhibit the receptor tyrosine kinase CSF-1R just published in RSC Med Chem.



SEP 2023 CLINICAL TRIAL STARTED! Nuvectis has started the phase 1 trial with our SRC-YES1 inhibitor NXP900 (formerly known as eCF506).


AUG 2023 WELCOME TO NEW LAB MEMBERS! Yang Ge will work in a project in collaboration with Prof Margaret Frame to find new ILK inhibitors and Ben Jones is visiting our lab to work on a collaboration with Prof Juan Mareque.


OCT 2022  CONGRATULATIONS TO DR CECILIA AYALA-AGUILERA!! She successfully passed his viva with minor revision. Thanks Celine Cano and Maciej Parys for being examiners. 

JUL 2022 See Shiao's work on a new way to target and kill cancer cells just published in JACS Au.



MAY 2022 WELCOME TO NEW LAB MEMBER! Saul will work in a joint project with Nuvectis Pharma to progress the preclinical development of our SRC inhibitor eCF506 (now NXP900).



FEB 2022 See our last contribution to understanding the potential of eCF506 in breast cancer just published in Cancer Research. Work led by Henry Beetham and Val Brunton.



JAN 2022 See our last work published in the first issue of 2022 in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. After years of research, we show Pd-triggered local chemotherapy works in vivo and can solve inherent DMPK issues of a chemotherapy drug such as 5FU. A key milestone in the history of our lab! 



NOV 2021  CONGRATULATIONS TO DR DAN BAILLACHE!! He successfully passed his viva with minor revision

NOV 2021 Check out our new biomedical application of bioorthogonal catalysis just published in Angewandte Chemie



OCT 2021 Interested in the chemistry behind approved kinase inhibitors? Check out our comprehensive perspective in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.



SEP 2021 NXP900 (aka eCF506), discovered by our lab, a selective inhibitor of SRC and YES1, is licensed to Nuvectis Pharma.



AUG 2021 10 years of research culminates with this work, published in Cancer Research. Our most important contribution to the cancer field. Joint effort from @EdinCRC, @MRC_CRH and @CIB_CSIC!!



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